“Why would anyone want to read about your life stories?” I catch myself wondering this most of the time. 

Hi there, my name is Tracy. Thanks for visiting my site. 

I started this blog in 2017 as I felt a strong calling to jot down some key experiences of my life’s journey, which I believe have shaped me into who I am today.  Back when I started, I was afraid of the consequences but – like most people in their mid-20s – I was young, brash & rather egoistic. 

Over the course of these few years, I’ve had a few lessons in the school of hard knocks (called life) =). I’ve mellowed down, gained some maturity & have definitely humbled my perspective of things in life.

But my purpose for this blog remains the same – I am writing in hopes that sharing my past and present experiences could be beneficial to those who may have gone through (or are going through) the same issues. I believe God gave me these experiences for a reason, and I have a choice to either use it for destruction or growth. 

Every one has a different story, and we each have a choice in how the story develops. Even though I have a broken past, it doesn’t hold a claim towards a broken present & future. I have decided to embrace my past, and writing about it feels right – somewhat like a closure. 

Ultimately, my stories serve as my life’s testament on God’s sovereignty, love & grace. The key theme is that God is in control, always. He is for me. In the moments of darkness, I can rely on His light. 

May whatever I write be used to glorify and praise our Almighty God! I pray that you will be blessed by my stories. Remember, in the eyes of man, you may be broken & inadequate, but in God’s eyes, you will always be His Broken Beautiful child. 

God bless! 🙂